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Lyon Stahl Welcomes Four New Agents to the Team!

  • October 11, 2018
  • News
Lyon Stahl Welcomes Four New Agents to the Team!

Lyon Stahl has been presented with an incredible opportunity of growth, and we are thrilled to announce the newest members of our team: Jack McCann, Jacob Kanounji, Anthony DiMassa, and Ryan Rembert. Each of these agents bear unique backgrounds of experience and training, but they all maintain the same commitment to providing the best possible service and representation for their clients.


Jack McCann

Jack McCann joins Lyon Stahl with roughly 5 years of experience in real estate. Knowing the business well, Jack joined Lyon Stahl as a senior associate. Jack generally works within the South LA corridor and wants to differentiate himself from other agents in the area. Knowing that Lyon Stahl excels with their database and marketing strategies, Jack joined the team to learn from the company’s marketing approach to become a stronger presence in his area, guaranteeing his success. His goals include being a top producer within the Lyon Stahl community and to eventually invest in property of his own.

Jack offers advice to those getting their careers in real estate and explains that he closed his first deal within the first 8 months of prospecting, but within those 8 months he was not making an income. He explains that the beginning can be very discouraging, but it’s crucial to stay driven. It’s a learning process, and you have to be ready to fail before you succeed. This process has been made much more efficient through Lyon Stahl’s programs. Jack also stresses the importance of proper training and mentorship and credits a portion of his success to the mentorship he received at the beginning of his career. Jack plans on becoming a mentor himself to a new agent through the Lyon Stahl mentorship program.


Jacob Kanounji

Recent Loyola Marymount University graduate Jacob Kanounji received his license while being a full-time LMU student. Jacob’s goal at the time was to sell a property before graduating. While being a full-time student, Jacob managed to find buyers looking to invest in property and found them the perfect home to close on a week before graduation! Jacob quickly realized that the real estate industry is a hustle and nothing comes easy, nonetheless, he fell in love with the industry and he’s coming back for more.

What drew Jacob to Lyon Stahl was Lyon Stahl’s unique and extensive real estate training program. Being a new agent, Jacob is looking for a mentor, he is looking forward to learning from a knowledgeable Lyon Stahl agent to learn how to be successful and grow within the industry.


Anthony DiMassa

Before obtaining his license, Anthony DiMassa was with Lyon Stahl as an assistant and quickly learned that this was the right place for him. After receiving his license last month, Anthony came back specifically for the company culture and resources Lyon Stahl provides their agents. Anthony characterizes the Lyon Stahl culture as second to none. The team is very open and fun yet gets right down to business; it’s the best of both worlds. Additionally, the resources Lyon Stahl offers are one of a kind and unique to this company, and the database offered streamlines the process of success.

Anthony’s goals within the company are to grow and ultimately become the top agent and expert in the Los Angeles Harbor area. He hopes to help his clients achieve their financial goals and maintain steady growth with each year to come.


Ryan Rembert

Ryan Rembert joins Lyon Stahl as an associate with 5 years’ experience in residential real estate. Coming from Keller Williams and Berkshire Hathaway, Ryan was drawn to Lyon Stahl’s expertise in commercial real estate and hopes to make a transition from residential to commercial. Ryan was also drawn to the resources Lyon Stahl provides their agents. Ryan believes that Lyon Stahl fosters motivation by setting their agents up with systems unavailable at other brokerages.

Ryan aims to stay ambitious and is confident that Lyon Stahl will provide him the foundation and consistency to achieve his goals.