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Lyon Stahl’s 2018 Recap

  • January 31, 2019
  • News
Lyon Stahl’s 2018 Recap


Lyon Stahl prides itself on our impeccable achievement and growth since we’ve opened our doors in 2015. We have been able to grow to become the number one multi-family real estate company in the South Bay! We credit this prosperous achievement to our ability to set goals and maintain through to reach those goals.

To ensure that we maintain our record of achievement, we’d like to take this opportunity to recap our 2018 achievements to give us an understanding of where we stand in order to achieve even greater this year!

In 2018 alone we generated $382 million in sales volume and closed on 265 transaction sides. We’ve also been able to increase our market share up from 5.2% in 2017 to 6.5% in 2018.

We are proud of our agents for their ability to stay focused throughout the year, allowing us to end 2018 on a high note and start 2019 highly motivated. We recognize these milestones as a step towards ever greater growth as we strive to continue to produce at even higher rates.

Our agent’s success is driven by their motivation to better achieve for their clients. Lyon Stahl as a team works solely to help our clients achieve the financial freedom they desire. We do everything in our power to ensure our client’s satisfaction, trust, and happiness. By providing reliable advice, innovative market knowledge, expert analysis, and an aggressive marketing campaign we guide clients towards their financial goals. Our dedication to our clients has allowed us to close all of our 2018 deals within 1% of list price!

Following through on our 2019 goals, Lyon Stahl plans to continue to generate a higher sales volume, a higher market share, and more transaction sides. With our agents working harder than ever, we are confident that the systems we have in place will offer our agents the most optimal support to excel by regularly tracking the progress of their goals. Keeping track of our agent’s goals forces them to hold themselves accountable for their progress, ensuring they retain momentum throughout their entire year.

Lyon Stahl is kicking off 2019 with updated systems, team expansions, and new targets. The updates to our databases will streamline performance, leading to high levels of productivity and efficiency.

This year we also plan to expand our teams and bring on the most innovative and ambitious agents in Los Angeles. In 2018 alone, the Lyon Stahl team doubled, and the best of the best joined us, and we plan to continue to grow. Industry leaders look to join Lyon Stahl for our collaborative culture and model of continuous growth. Agents who are new to the industry aim to join Lyon Stahl for our competitive commission splits and comprehensive training programs that give them the proper foundation to launch them in their careers.

Because Lyon Stahl has been drawing in more and more credible, hardworking agents, we plan to expand out and open up a brand new office to house all of our new additions! We are proud of everything we have accomplished in 2018 and are looking forward to what 2019 has to offer and what we will achieve.