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Mr. Jackson

Tiff Bierer

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Property Valuation Report

Contact me for a 40 page report that provides property owners with a comprehensive analysis of the value of their property.


Tiff Bierer

Associate Agent

Growing up in Los Angeles most of her life, Tiff Bierer prides herself on being at the top of her game when it comes to market knowledge. After starting and operating her own business for eight years right here in the South Bay, she delved into the real estate sector and has never looked back. Her goal for the next ten years is to help as many people as possible, create generational wealth for their families, as well as adding to her own investment portfolio. She’s committed to assisting novice and experienced real estate investors alike to achieve and maximize their financial goals.

In her spare time, she adores spending quality time with her family and friends at the beach.  She also likes to stay active her two dogs, Kylo Ren and Daisy. While trying to stay dedicated and consistent with volunteer work within the community with her two young kids, she also loves to travel the world!