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Mr. Jackson

Marissa Case

Property Valuation Report

Contact me for a 40 page report that provides property owners with a comprehensive analysis of the value of their property.


Marissa Case

Associate Agent

Marissa Case is a Long Beach native whose passion for Real Estate began at an early age while working on familial real estate investment holdings. She now holds, renovates, and manages her own portfolio of investment properties throughout Southern California. With her extensive experience in property investments and her degree in business, Marissa relates to her client’s point of view on a personal level and understands the importance of maximizing her client’s profits. She views every deal as unique and works tirelessly to tailor deals that seamlessly meet the specific needs of each individual client.

When she is not closing real estate deals with Team McCann, Marissa can be found at home with family, in the sky, or deep in the ocean. Her favorite activities include traveling, hiking, salsa dancing, scuba diving, and paragliding. Marissa has an adventurous and understanding spirit that enjoys meeting people with varying cultures, interests, and personalities.