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Mr. Jackson

Austin Longwell

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  • License: 02036524

Property Valuation Report

Contact me for a 40 page report that provides property owners with a comprehensive analysis of the value of their property.


Austin Longwell

Associate Agent

Austin Longwell is a proud associate of the Lyon Stahl team. He joined Lyon Stahl in September of 2016 as an analyst and direct assistant to Brett Lyon and Woody Stahl. After a year of training directly from the founding brokers, Austin made the transition to an agent and is utilizing his training to its fullest potential.

Prior to joining Lyon Stahl, Austin began his career at Lenskart, India’s leading prescription eyewear corporation, as an e-commerce development intern in New Delhi, India. After a summer of business development, data analytics, and multi-platform sales, Austin decided to transfer his skills into a more specialized real estate career. Austin then interned with UCR’s capital planning department, assisting the real estate development team with the planning, funding, and ultimately development of a $12 million greenhouse research facility. Upon graduation, Austin was fully committed to entering the Los Angeles real estate market and sought a position that would utilize his finance background properly.

In his first eight months at Lyon Stahl, he facilitated in valuing, coordinating, and finally selling or purchasing more than 50 multifamily and mixed-use properties. As an agent, Austin has combined his diverse career background, superior analytical skills, and outstanding ability to find a deal to bring unparalleled value for his clients.

Visionary Award

Awarded to a new agent that hits a specific minimum set of requirements within their first 6 months at Lyon Stahl.